If it doesn’t exist, we’ll make it

Bowling alley furniture and entertainment center furniture has always been fixated solely on basic function, with little attention to style. Most guests at bowling alleys or entertainment centers probably don’t notice the design or furniture of the space they’re in. At US Design Lab, we want to change that. Bowling alley furniture & entertainment center furniture doesn’t have to be boring; in the entertainment industry, you never want to bore! And with us, you never will. With over 20 years of experience in the Bowling industry and with hundreds of centers furnished, we know exactly what your Bowling Center requires in terms of specialty furniture & equipment. Additionally, unlike most of the industry’s suppliers, we can design custom items to fit your needs.

Our team of professionals will provide a budget-conscious bowling alley furniture and equipment list that includes detailed specifications. Also, we can work with you to design custom furniture for any entertainment center or even for the hospitality industry. Most of all, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can have it made for you at surprisingly competitive prices. Our partnership with lead manufacturer Venue Industries means that we can have your custom-designed furniture manufactured at competitive prices. As a result of our partnership, we supervise the manufacturing of our clients’ custom products. Most importantly, all of the furniture is made right here in the USA.

US Design Lab specializes in Entertainment Center and bowling alley furniture design. Among other things, this includes bowler settee layout and design, bowling console design, ball rack design, and ball return hood design. Lastly, thanks to our wide range of services, we can integrate your custom furniture into your whole facility’s interior design and branding identity. Let us help you create your uniquely branded and functionally built interior entertainment environment!