Where your Masterplanning comes to life

Conceptual design is a critical step in the development of your Bowling Center or Family Entertainment Center project. It is the phase of design in which your masterplanning begins to take tangible shape. Furthermore, with drawings, 3D renderings, & solid models, our conceptual design will give your layout its first feeling of reality. As a result, the conceptual design defines both the aesthetics and functionality of the project. In addition, the concept design provides a critical visual description of the layout. It uses integrated concepts to show how a variety of the design’s individual components – such as the sidewall design, the masking unit design, or the ceiling elements – will look together and complement the furniture and specific equipment in your ideal Family Entertainment Center or bowling alley floor plan.

Bringing Design Dreams To Life Without Sacrificing Your Budget

At US Design Lab, our clients can always count on the expertise and creativity of our designers. Their ability to create unique concepts that have mass market appeal is critical to creating a successful entertainment venue. In addition, we have international experience in Bowling and Family Fun Center Design, product design and branded environments. With our long-time exposure to proven concepts from a wide range of markets, we can identify and define conceptual designs that are both innovative and appropriate for our customers market. Our unique perspective is backed by our team’s ability to envision the project in its completeness from the beginning. As a result, we will provide effective solutions for the Bowling and FEC industry’s distinctive specifications.

Our wide range of specialized services makes us competitive in terms of budget and maximizes our clients’ return on investment. Only at US Design Lab can your conceptual design can be complemented by your branding and furniture & equipment design. From custom bowler settee layout & design to ball racks & return hoods, we can make it come to life. Most noteworthy, we can do it without ever sacrificing your budget. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and make your dream entertainment venue a reality!