Visibility that sells

A business’ brand is like reputation for a person: it’s what people know about you before getting to know you. Moreover, it’s people wanting to know more about you after you meet. A brand is the first glimpse consumers have at your product or company. It is a combination of color, wording and imagery that defines consumer perception of your product or service. Therefore, the right brand makes your product or company more visible, recognizable and popular. For a business, your branding identity design can mark the difference between success and failure. At US Design Lab, we won’t just design you an appealing logo; we will give you a complete branding identity design to effectively brand your environment and make your identity as unique as you are.

Our design expertise applies both to the creation of a new concept and the revitalization of an existing one. Our lead designers know how to capture the essence of your marketing potential in an iconic way that will captivate your target market.

At US Design Lab, branding is where we excel. Our mission is to build unique corporate identities based on our customers’ individual features, distinctive strengths and competitive edges. More specifically, branding identity design for the entertainment industry is our specialty. Together with the design of your unique logo, we can integrate your brand into your concept design, interior design, and even furniture & equipment specification to create your distinctively branded entertainment environment.


“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss

When creating and launching new brands, our experts will work with you to identify a branding identity that uniquely reflects who you are. Our team has mastered the art of working with an original set of concepts to produce results that will make your venue more visible & attractive to your market. Additionally, we will avoid the cliché industry standards to provide you something that is always fresh & unique!

If you have an existing concept that needs new life, re-energizing an outdated brand is a powerful way to reassess your business’ identity and generate higher business volume. In branding, one thing is inevitable: in time things get old, marketing messages become less effective, and brand experiences become stagnant. Customers don’t want to see the “same old thing.” As a result, brands need to reassess their market and how they’re communicating their identity. Rebranding is necessary to invigorate an audience’s interest. US Design Lab’s branding process helps invigorate outdated and ineffective brands under a stronger strategy that sees results.

Breathing New Life Into Branding Identity Design

If what you need is to re-energize an outdated brand, we have the right tools for you. Sometimes, all it takes to improve the perception of a product and boost sales is a subtle change, like a re-designed logo or name. In other cases, more drastic changes are advisable to re-position a company’s standing in its target-market. Either way, US Design Lab can offer simple, cost-effective consulting services to:

  • provide global branding to your product or your company
  • design a totally branded environment
  • beautify and restore an existing brand
  • re-style a company’s image or improve its perception in a specific setting like a trade show, convention, or meeting
  • design a company website
  • improve product appearance and its market performance
  • design or re-design your store layout with custom made furniture and architectural elements
  • design and install your event’s layout in any venue